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Paretzoglou Anastasia
Anastasia Paretzoglou
Brand Manager, Fortune Greece, Greece

Anastasia Paretzoglou is the Brand Manager of Fortune Greece. She has extensive experience in leading Greek media groups through her work with Imako S.A. and Premium Media S.A where she worked as managing editor and lead communications consultant for over 16 years. Before working in the Media, Anastasia worked as a marketing communications manager for Rainbow Computer (Apple) for three years.

Author of two books, “Greece is a Woman” and “Conquering Fame”, in parallel to her other work commitments, Anastasia has worked as a Theatre Reviewer for over 16 years for Downtown magazine, having a background in theatre and years of work in acting and film.

She holds a D.E.S.S. in Economics & Environmental Policy from Paris I (Sorbonne), a BSc in Economics from the University of Athens and a Diploma in Acting from Karolos Koon’s Art Theatre.