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Co-Director, Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London, UK
Anna Korre
Co-Director, Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London, UK

Professor Anna Korre is co-Director of Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London and Professor of Environmental Engineering. Her core research is in the areas of risk and uncertainty assessment and the environmental and life cycle assessment of engineering systems. An expert in modelling of natural resources and the environmental impacts of their exploitation, she works on the development of engineering tools to assess operational performance, environmental footprint and cost, making it easier for the leaders of industry, regulators and governments to respond to societal needs with positive, greener and viable solutions.

Professor Korre is a graduate of the University of Athens and joined Imperial College as a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow (awarded her PhD in 1997) where she developed her academic career, being promoted to full professor in 2015.