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Anne-Clémentine Larroque
French Islamist Specialist & Analyst for French Justice, France

Historian and graduated of Sciences Politics (Sciences Po), I worked for the IMA (Arabic World Institute in Paris) and started doing international columns on the radio (France Inter), during summer 2013; Syria and Egypt were in a critical situation. Before, I became an history and geopolitics teacher in high school, in the University and in Sciences po. From this perspective, I write articles and books* about the islamist and jihadist topics in the arabic world and also in muslim territories (past and news, in Europe by example).

Since 2016, in so far as France has suffered terrorist attacks, French Ministry of Justice needed specialists of islamism to explain to magistrates and judges how the ideology develops its propaganda and its modus operandi. Besides, they asked me to provide historical, geopolitical and ideological analysis files. I've been working for the justice services ever since, specially since last March for the investigating judges. Finally, I participate to the european program, Counter-Terrosrism MENA (CT-MENA) whose office is located in Tunis, as researcher and analyst since 2019.