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Speaker Photo
Antonis Schwarz
Founder, Good Initiatives Foundation, Germany

Antonis Schwarz is an impact investor, activist and philanthropist of Greek-German origin. Through his experience in the Venture Capital and Family Office space, he has extensive knowledge of the European Impact Investing landscape. A strong believer in the power of collective citizen action, in 2016 he founded the Good Initiatives Foundation, based in Berlin, which supports social movements and activists working towards bringing about major systemic change across Europe. For its work, the foundation has been awarded the 2018 CIVICUS Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Brave Philanthropy award. Antonis is also co-founder of the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at the University of Zurich.  In 2013, Antonis co-founded Vouliwatch, a Greek parliamentary monitoring organization that aims to increase political accountability and transparency. Antonis holds a Bachelor degree in European Studies from King's College London and a Masters in Management degree from IE University.