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Dimitris Karagiannis
Psychiatrist, Greece

Dimitris Karagiannis MD, PhD, is a Psychiatrist, Existential Systemic Couple, Group and Family Psychotherapist and Supervisor. Associate Professor in Frederick University of Nicosia, Cyprus, majoring in Family Therapy, he obtained his Ph.D. from Dimokritian University of Alexandroupoli. He is the scientific director of the Therapeutic and Training Institute “Antistixi”, where mental health experts are trained to become psychotherapists”.

Relative roles, among others, in his career are: Founding member and first general secretary of the Child Psychiatric Society of Greece. President of the Hellenic Federation of Systemic Therapy and Family Therapy Companies (ETHOS). Founding member and former general secretary of the Hellenic Society for Systemic Therapy (ELESYTH). Founding member of the Hellenic Society of Systemic Thinking and Family Psychotherapy (EESKEDO). Member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA). Director of the Center for Child Mental Health (1986 - present).

Acknowledged author of important psychological books and essays, such as: "Does man Change? "Cracks and Touches", "The Injustice that hurts", "Love or nothing". His doctoral dissertation was: "School refusal: A study of the potential of the child and his family".