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February 7-8, 2022

3rd Southeast Europe & East Med


The 3rd Southeast Europe & East Med will take place on February 7-8, 2022


  • “America is Back”: President Biden’s foreign policy doctrine and its implications for South East Europe and the East Med
  • Funding our way out of the pandemic: Comparing the US’s stimulus package and the EU’s Next Generation EU stimulus package
  • Will US foreign policy be dragged into the Middle East once more?
  • Proxy wars in the Middle East: Iran, Russia, Turkey and the Gulf States
  • The US as an honest broker in the Greek-Turkish dispute
  • The Cyprus issue: Is all hope lost to finding a solution?
  • The role of Egypt
  • Climate change and energy conflicts in the East Med - Is it all for nothing?
  • Challenges at the borders: How the US and Europe are planning to cope with migratory movements
  • Bringing South East Europe countries into the liberal fold: Prospects for EU and NATO accession
  • United States – Greece: Where we go from here?

Stay tuned for more updates.