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Speaker Photo
H.E. Milorad Dodik
Chairman of the Presidency, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milorad Dodik was born on 12 March, 1959 in Banja Luka. He completed his primary education in Laktaši, and finished secondary school in Banja Luka. He graduated from the School of Political Science of the University of Belgrade. Between 1986 and 1990, as the youngest official of the SFRY at the time, he performed most successfully a number of important official functions in the Municipality of Laktaši, including the Municipal Executive Board president office. 

At the first multiparty elections in BiH in 1990 he was elected to the Parliament of BiH as a candidate of the Reform Forces’ Alliance. Due to the disputes he had with the governing structure in the People’s Assembly of Republika Srpska at the time, he established the Club of Independent Parliamentary Representatives, which served as the foundation for establishment of the Independent Social Democrats’ Alliance in 1996, which he has presided over since its establishment in 1996.

He was re-elected for a representative in the People’s Assembly of Republika Srpska in 1997, whereas he was elected for President of the Republika Srpska Government in the following year - i.e. in 1998. He was re-elected for the people’s representative of Independent Social Democrats’ Alliance (SNSD) in 2002, and performed that duty until February 2006, when, for the second time, he took over office of the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska. In December 2006, following a decisive victory of the party he led at the general elections in BiH, he became President of the Republika Srpska Government.  

He performed the duty of the prime minister until October 2010, when he received a decisive support and trust of the voters, and was elected for the President of the Republika Srpska office. The solemn inauguration of the newly elected President of Republika Srpska was held on 15 November, 2010. Pursuant to winning the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 12 October 2014, for the first time in the history of Republika Srpska, he was elected for the second time for the President of Republika Srpska. 

Milorad Dodik was decorated with a number of recognitions and medals, of which the most significant ones are the Order of Nemanjić, the Order of the Republika Srpska with Sash, the Order of Peter the Great with Sash - awarded by the National Committee for Social Awards of the Russian Federation for extraordinary contribution to enhancement of the Russian – Serbian cooperation. The Serbian Orthodox Church decorated him with the Order of St. Sava (First Class), and the Patriarch of Jerusalem awarded him the Holy Cross of the Holy Sepulchre Guardians. He is a citizen of honour in a number of cities in Republika Srpska.  Milorad Dodik has provided significant contribution to the sports for many years. For over ten years he has been the president of the Basketball Club “Igokea” and was one of its co-founders. The Basketball Club “Partizan” from Belgrade awarded him the title of its honorary president. At the general elections in BiH in 2018 he was elected to perform a duty of the Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is married, and a father of two children. He has six grandchildren.