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Speaker Photo
Ioannis Sarmas
President, Hellenic Court of Audit

Born on the island of Kos, Greece, on 21 March 1957. Awarded a Degree in Law from the University of Athens (1975-1979) and Diplômes d'études approfondies (Diplomas of Further Studies) from the University of Paris II, in Criminal Law (1980-1981), Public Law (1982-1983) and Public Finance (1983-1985). Doctoral Thesis in Law (1981-1985), awarded the distinction of très honorable. Served as an officer in the Greek Air Force during national service (1984-1986).

Magistrate at the Greek Council of State (1987-1993). Magistrate at the Hellenic Court of Audit (1993 to now). Member of the European Court of Auditors (2002-2013). Taught Law Methodology and Public Finance at the Greek National School of Public Administration (1989-1999) and lectured in the Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Communities and of the European Court of Human Rights at the Greek National School for the Judiciary (1997-2001).

Main published works in French and English: in French: Liberté d’expression et diffamation: une étude de jurisprudence à partir des théories de la justice (Freedom of expression and defamation: a study of jurisprudence on the basis of theories of justice) (2011); in English: The Greek Crisis and the Role of Audit (2012). The Fair Balance, Justice as un Equilibrium Setting Exercise (2015).