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John Howkins
Creative Economist, UK

John is a global strategist and author on future trends in creativity, innovation and work. His books include ‘The Creative Economy’ (2001), ‘Creative Ecologies’ (2006) and ‘Invisible Work’ (2020). His ideas draw on his experience in the global entertainment industry. He worked with HBO and Time Warner as Chief European Adviser for 20 years, as well as ABC, BBC, CBS, HandMade Films, Sky, Universal and Vivendi. He is a former adviser to the European Commission and WTO, ITU and WIPO.

He is a director of First Person Films, Television Investments and CrecoLab (Beijing) and former chair of BOP Consulting, Tornado Productions and CREATEC. Since the publication of ‘The Creative Economy’ he has advised entrepreneurs, companies, governments and public agencies in over 30 countries on creativity and innovation. He is a member of the United Nations’ Committee on the Creative Economy. He is a founding investor in the Shanghai Creative Industries Investment Corporation and chairman of CrecoLab in Beijing.

He is the Founder of the Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property, and devised the IP advisory service Own It. He is a visiting professor at universities in UK, Brazil and China and former Executive-in-Residence at the Drucker School of Management, Los Angeles. He is a former chairman of the London Film School.