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Julias Tsetis
CEO, Unipharma; Member BoD, SEV; President BoD, Global Compact Network Hellas

Julia Tseti, who was born in Athens, is a pharmacist graduate of the School of Pharmacy of NKUA, with a postgraduate degree in Biopharmaceuticals from the University of Manchester. Since 2010 she holds the positions of President and CEO of the three industrial units of UNI-PHARMA SA & INTERMED SA. In 2014 she created the commercial company PHARMABELLE in Cyprus, while in 2020 the construction of a new primary unit, for the production of raw materials from medicinal plants, UNIHERBO is expected to be completed. Julia Tseti has set up the Urban Non-Profit Association Kleon Tsetis (AMKE) to promote Health and Culture Sciences, actively supporting the new generations of scientists with scholarships.

Julia Tseti has been repeatedly awarded by Greek and foreign certified bodies leading the OFET Group to significant achievements, such as the implementation of investments, the continuous development of turnover, commercial activity in over 66 countries, the increase of employment, but also in the acquisition of  a significant number of awards as well as national and international patents. Under her leadership, OFET participates in a wide range of research projects which in combination with the implementation of important projects concerning digital transformation and automation enables OFET to dynamically enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. Julia Tsetis, is from June 2020, member of Board of Directors of SEV. From February 2021, is president, of the first Board of Directors of Global Compact Network Hellas.