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Speaker Photo
Kathi Apostolidis
President – Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELLOK

Kathi is former President & Vice-President of the ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition and a current ECPC board member. Kathi was involved with ECPC since its early days as ECPC member representative.

Kathi represents ECPC at:

  • the EMA's Patients and Consumers Working Group;
  • the Steering Committee of the ENCePP/EMA
  • the Expert Group ECIBC/QASDG EU Initiative on Breast Cancer;
  • the Scientific Advisory Board of TRANSCAN II.
  • The WPCC-World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Steering Committee
  • the Steering Committee CASC of ODN-Oncology Data Network 
  • the eSMART Project 
  • the Steering Committee of HTAi's Patients and Citizens Involvement Group;
  • the EU Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control as well as on other European Commission and institutions Experts Committees.

Kathi is a Public Affairs Consultant with broad and diversified experience in regulatory and public affairs, trade diplomacy, strategy, marketing and communications. Surviving breast cancer twice, she was involved in breast cancer, survivorship and cancer patient rights advocacy on the national and international level soon after her first encounter with cancer in the mid-90s. Her advocacy covers issues of access to cancer care, informed shared decision making in cancer care, patient involvement in cancer research, health and cancer care policy and economics, cancer care delivery, patient safety, health technology assessment, and digital technology in cancer care.

At the national level she is a founding member and President of the Hellenic Cancer Federation -ELLOK ( and a Director/Board Member of other Greek cancer patient associations. Κathi is active in cancer advocacy for  the last 25 years. She represents patients at the Board of Directors of the recently legalized and under establishment National Cancer Institute and in the Patient Registries Committee of the Greek Ministry of Health. Kathi is a graduate of the Philosophy and Law Schools of the University of Athens, and speaks French, English, German and Dutch and has had a career in the private and public sectors in public affairs, marketing and communications.