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Kostis Chlouverakis
Principal, Consulting, Digital and Analytics & Cognitive Leader, Deloitte Greece

Kostis Chlouverakis is Principal in Consulting practice and Digital and Analytics & Cognitive Leader at Deloitte Greece. Kostis is helping companies embrace and adopt new exponential technologies and trends such as machine learning, Salesforce and data-driven customer experience. Before that, Kostis was Group Chief Digital Officer at Eurobank after spending many years in the US working in analytics & digital consulting where he actively participated in global (Fortune 500) projects, managing international teams. Kostis has also worked in academia for three years as a postdoctoral researcher in applied cryptography. Kostis holds an MBA from MIT Sloan (USA), a PhD in Electronic Systems Engineering (UK) and a degree in Physics (GR). His main interests and expertise focus on digital strategy, data experience, machine learning and analytics, and how companies can exploit and monetize their internal and external data and expand and hone their digital capabilities.