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Speaker Photo
Lena Papalexopoulou
Vice-President, Desmos, Non-Profit Foundation, Greece

Lena Papalexopoulou is the Vice-President of Desmos Non-Profit Foundation, a
pioneering and impactful hub for charitable giving in Greece. For the past decade Lena
has devoted herself to serving the common good, focusing on education, volunteerism
and civic engagement. She presides over Columbia University’s CAA in Greece, is a
member of Columbia University’s CAA Board, as well as Tufts University’s Board of
International Advisors.
Lena has served on several boards and associations including the Association of
Business and Retail Sales of Greece, the Greek-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and
the Owners’ Forum in Berlin. In 2019 she was appointed to “Repositioning Greece”,
an advisory team on Greece’s image and strategic planning. Until 2010 Lena held
positions of increasing responsibility at the European Union, Merrill Lynch, Johnson and
Johnson Inc, and Concept SA, where she was the President and CEO.
Lena holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Economics and Business from Lafayette
College, a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and an Advanced
Executive Management Degree from IMD.