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Lena Paraskeva
NEWS DIRECTOR – Journalist – Anchorwoman, STAR CENTRAL, GREECE

She is journalist and anchorwoman of channel’s main Daily News Broadcast for 17 years, since 2005. (Analytical Events daily 20.30-22.00). Also she is the anchorwoman in the radio station Starfm 97,1. For 8 years (1997-2005), she was presenting the STAR meridian news report of "Daily and Local", introducing the midday update on regional television. Also had the responsibility and the presentation of the show "Extremely personal" presenting subjects and people from the field of arts and science.

She has done hundreds of interviews with people in politics, government, culture, arts, representatives of organizations and ordinary citizens in the 27 years of work career at STAR S.Α. She is also editing news and texts for Star FM 97.1 radio and the website. She presents and coordinates events, forums and workshops throughout Central Greece. She has been following European developments constantly since 2001.

She attended meetings and activities in Brussels and in Strasbourg and she interviewed MEPs on TV shows recorded inside the European Parliament. Through the newscasts, she promotes actions of the European Parliament, the Europe. Through the newscasts, she promotes actions of the European Parliament, the European Commission, MEPs, groups, parties, and especially Greek MEPs, with reports, news and live links. Also she has presented and coordinated TV shows both inside and outside the European Parliament on European issues. Since 2003 she has been a member of the association of daily newspapers of Central Greece and Thessaly (ESISESS).

Married, and has one daughter.