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Speaker Photo
Marko Mrsnik
Senior Director, S&P Global Ratings, Spain

Marko Mršnik is a Senior Director in the European Sovereign Ratings Group at S&P Global Ratings, and a Lead Analyst focused on the Eurozone sovereigns, in particular on its southern members. His analytical responsibilities include Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco and Cyprus. Based in Madrid, he is also in charge of rating ECB and sovereign related entities primarily in France and Spain. Before joining S&P Global Ratings in London in 2007, Marko was an economist in the European Commission in Brussels, specializing in macro-economy of the euro-area and EU, with particular reference to public finances and euro-area accession, where he co-authored the EMU Sustainability Report and Public  Finances in EMU. He had previously worked as a consultant for the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.  

Marko is the author of S&P Global Aging Reports, most recently in 2016 (Global  Aging 2016: 58 Shades of Gray) analyzing the impact of the demographic changes on the long-term sustainability of public finances and creditworthiness across the world economies. He also authored the Standard & Poor’s 2015 report on climate change and sovereign creditworthiness: ‘The Heat Is On: How Climate Change Can Impact Sovereign Ratings’. He regularly publishes analytical commentaries on credit related matters. Marko holds a bachelor of arts degree in Economics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a master of arts degree in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe, Belgium, where he was also a researcher and tutor. Marko is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovene and Serbo Croatian.