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Speaker Photo
Michel Foucher
Geographer and former French Ambassador, College of World Studies, France

Geographer and diplomat, Dr. Michel Foucher presently holds the chair of Applied Geopolitics at the College of World Studies (Paris). Dr Michel Foucher served as the French Ambassador to Latvia (2002-2006), special advisor to the French Foreign Minister (1997-2002), head of the Policy Planning Staff (1999-2002) and special envoy to the Balkans and the Caucasus (1999). He was then Ambassador at Large for European Issues (2007). He has been Director of Studies and Research and member of the Executive Committee of the Institute of Higher National Defence Studies (Paris, Prime Minister’s Office) from 2010 to 2013. 

Member of the scientific board of the Centre for Higher European Studies (CHEE, at ENA, Paris), of the International Diplomatic Academy (Paris), of the Robert Schuman Foundation, former President of the Association of Internationalists. He was an expert in the African Union’s borders program under the auspices of the Commission of the African Union’s Peace and Conflict Prevention division (Addis Ababa).


Seminar on regional and international order, 16th June 2017:

Among his recent books

  • Vers un monde néo-national ? Dialogue avec Bertrand Badie, CNRS editions, 2017
  • Le retour des frontières, CNRS editions, 2016
  • Frontières africaines, pour en finir avec un mythe, CNRS Editions, May 2014  (English version to be published in the Journal of Borderlands Studies, 2017)
  • Atlas de l’influence française au XXI° siècle, Robert Laffont / Institut Français, Oct. 2013
  • La bataille des cartes, analyse critique des visions du monde, François Bourin Editeur, 1st edition 2010, 2nd 2011 (The battle of maps, a critical analysis of world visions, French and English electronic versions via Itunes/Ipad, 2013)
  • L’obsession des frontières, Perrin 2007 (3rd edition 2012)
  • L’Europe et l’avenir du monde, Odile Jacob 2009
  • L’Europe entre géopolitiques et géographies, Armand Colin 2009
  • France, America and the World, A New Era in Franco-American Relations, co-editor with Dan 
  • Hamilton, Brookings Publishing House, Washington, 2009
  • He is co-editor of the Schuman Report on the State of the European Union (11th edition in 2017 at Lignes de repères and 6th edition in English with Springer, Berlin).