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Paul Kidner
Senior Advisor, TIMA Foundation, Greece

Paul has over 20 years of experience in organizational development, leading the  strategy, operations and management of a variety of innovative organizations, initially in  the private sector and then in the social and philanthropic sectors. Paul is also on the  Board of Directors of the EUobserver. 

In the last year, Paul shifted from executive roles to an advisory role with the aim of  supporting a wider array of non-profit organizations. He is currently a lead advisor to the  TIMA Charitable Foundation, advising, evaluating and monitoring grant making for the  Foundation in Greece, in support of the growing needs and challenges related to the  elderly.  

Prior to that, Paul led a number of social impact ventures including the creation and  management of the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center, which won 1st prize for Youth  Entrepreneurship at the Education Business Awards in Greece in 2016. He went on to  launch and manage The People's Trust (TPT), an NGO whose mission is to relieve  unemployment in Greece through entrepreneurship. In the 4 years that he launched and  ran the organization, TPT supported over 300 small businesses and created more than  600 new, sustainable, places of employment. Over 91% of these businesses remained  sustainable, injecting over 5M euro into the local economy. 

Paul strongly believes in supporting entrepreneurs as well as NGO leaders so that they reach their highest potential, and his expertise lies in organizational development,  leadership, strategy and management, grant evaluation and monitoring, social impact measurement and executive coaching. 

He enjoys new challenges as well as leading a team from the spark of an idea to its  implementation and successful outcome.