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Speaker Photo
Rector Helene Ahrweiler
President, Administration Council, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece; Member of the "Greece 2021" Committee's Plenary Assembly

Professor at the Sorbonne, Faculty of Arts, in Paris, in 1967. She served as director of the History Department and Chairman of the Research Committee of the School of Philosophy of the University of Sorbonne (1969-70), she was visiting professor at the University of Harvard (1973-1974), Vice-Principal (1970-1973) and Principal of the University Paris I (1976-1981, honorary principal since 1981), Rector of the Academy and Chancellor of the Universities of Paris (1982-1989), Vice-President (1976-1989) and then President of the Centre Georges Pompidou (1989-1991), President of the American Museum of Art (France), Vice-President of the Danielle Mitterrand, Foundation “France-Libertés”. Scientific advisor for social and humanitarian sciences of the UNESCO, President and then Honorary President of the University of Europe, Honorary President of the International Committee of Byzantine Studies (1975 to date), Secretary General of the International Union of History Science (1980-1990), President and then Honorary President of the Mouvement Universel de la Responsabilité Scientifique (MURS), President of the National Theatre of Greece (1999-2012), President of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (1993 to date) and the International Association ‘Dmitri Chostakovitch’.