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Stavros Theodorakis
Journalist; CEO,

Stavros Theodorakis was born in 1963, in a small village in Chania (Crete), and grew up in Agia Varvara, an Athenian district at the foot of Mount Egaleo (from the top of which Xerxes watched the Battle of Salamis). As a young man, he had various casual jobs and worked with communities (for instance, for the education of Roma) until he became a reporter. He is known for his TV show “Protagonistes” (Protagonists) – videos of which are still popular today on YouTube. Foodies, also, know him from “Alatsi” – a Cretan restaurant he founded opposite the Hilton Hotel. In 2014, he created the political movement “Potami” (The River). With the slogan "to change everything without destroying the country", he won 3 electoral battles, but in 2019, after a bad result in the European elections, he left politics. Currently, he is the CEO of (the first podcast platform in Greece) and writes articles for the newspaper “Kathimerini”.