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Speaker Photo
Stelios Ramfos
Philosopher, Greece

Stelios Ramfos was born in Athens in 1939. He studied Law at Athens University and Philosophy in Paris after 1965, and taught Philosophy at Vincennes (1969-1974). He returned and settled in Greece in 1974. His work focuses on hermeneutics of the Greek culture with special emphasis on the spiritual characteristics of Byzantium which are its legacy to modern Greece and which, if not comprehended, prevent our self-consciousness from developing. He studies principally how the Byzantine Renaissance having been thwarted influenced the moulding of the modern Greek psyche, which remained since deficient and imponderable, a prey of historical contingencies. In Athens he had been teaching, amongst others, at the Goulandri-Horn Foundation, while he now teaches at V. & M. Theocharaki Foundation.