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Speaker Photo
Vicky Xanthopoulou
Preschool teacher, Greece

Vicky Xanthopoulou is a primary public school teacher with Bachelor Degree in Education Science in Early Childhood and Master’s Degree in Sociocultural Education. Her philosophy and teaching approach are influenced by sociocultural, constructivist, ecological systems and experiential theories of learning. 

“Let’s play book”(LPB) is a reading promotion project she has been developing in her classroom in the last seven years with cultural perspective on social learning, including reading animation projects as part of sociocultural animation. “LPB” promotes equality of opportunity for all students and reinforces children to comprehend and interpret the world surrounding them and widen their experiences while the exclusive learning tool is children’s literature. 

She is building educational programs for elementary students and running seminars and experiential workshops for teachers focusing on children’s literature. She is the winner a numerous national and international awards: Freedom through Literacy Award 2019(Judith’s Reading Room, USA), Global Education Awards – Teacher of the Year 2019 (AKS Education Awards), Global Teacher Award 2020 (AKS Education Awards). CNN Greece included her in the list of the most important personalities in Greece of 2020.