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Head of New Markets, ORS Group, Austria
Wilhelm Brunner
Head of New Markets, ORS Group, Austria

Wilhelm is Head of International Markets of the Swiss ORS Group, which specialises in professional services for asylum seekers in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany. In his 16 years of experience in this field his team managed to adjust services to different challenges such as the unexpected inflow of tchechnyan refugees in Austria, the so-called „2015 refugee crisis“ with 100.000 refugees coming to Austria in just 6 months or the „lock down“ due to Covid-19. Wilhelm lead EU-funded social projects for asylum seekers in Germany, Austria and Ireland and introduced internal activities to improve the quality of services for refugees (0800 telephone hotline, 3-step initial reception interviews, HACCP certification for food safety, ISO quality management certification, and video-based translation services). Wilhelm holds a degree in Business Administration from the Vienna Economics and Business University (WU).