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Yannis Manuelides
Partner, Allen & Overy, UK

Yannis is a London-based finance partner. He is qualified in England and also in France (but no longer practices there). He has recently been mandated to head Allen & Overy’s sovereign debt practice. Yannis has over 25 years’ experience in banking and finance transactions including project, corporate and leveraged finance, debt restructurings, securitisations and capital market transactions. Yannis led the legal team which acted for the Steering Committee of Private Creditors of Greece on the EUR206bn debt restructuring of the Hellenic Republic (PSI). Prior to the PSI he helped the Hellenic Republic with the audit of its debt liabilities and also assisted in the Hellenic Republic's discussions with the Troika on the establishments of the Privatisations Fund and related policy. Subsequently, he assisted in the establishment of the long term Asset Development Fund of the Hellenic Republic. Finally, he worked on a number of ancillary transactions required to be put in place as a precondition for rescue packages being made available to Greece. 

Over the years Yannis has acted in a number of structured financings for the European Commission and for Eurozone sovereigns. Yannis has recently acted for clients in considering specific proposals for a new Eurozone sovereign debt architecture. Currently, he is working with clients on new types of financing that will enable sovereign borrowers to mobilise private and official sector finance towards sustainable development goals. 

Memberships in expert groups 

Yannis is a member of an ad hoc working group on GDP-linked bonds comprised of market participants and Bank of England economists to design  market appropriate GDP linked bonds for sovereigns. Yannis is a contributor to the current debates on sovereign and bank debt through advice, membership of special committees, lectures and thought-papers. He is also a member of IIF’s Committee on Sovereign Risk Management and  Principles Consultative Group, the Sovereign Debt Committee of the International Law Association, and of the Sovereign Debt working group of the  Financial Markets Law Committee.  

Publications on sovereign debt 

Yannis recently co-authored with other world leading sovereign debt experts and commentators a handbook "Understanding Sovereign Debt – Options and Opportunities for Africa." The handbook is an accessible, practical legal guide for public debt managers and others involved in public financial management. Yannis’ other publications on sovereign debt are the following: 

Debtor–creditor engagement in sovereign restructurings”, Capital Markets Law Journal, Volume 13, Issue 3, 1 July 2018  

Using the Local Law Advantage in Today’s Eurozone”, Capital Markets Law Journal, Volume 14, Issue 4, October 2019, Pages 469–487, 

English law and Jurisdiction Post Brexit”, in The Changing Geography of  Finance and Regulation in Europe, 2017, edited by Franklin Allen, Elena  Carletti, Joanna Gray and Mitu Gulati, European University Institute June 2020 1/2 

A Term Sheet for GDP-linked bonds”, in Sovereign GDP Linked Bond: Rationale and Design, 2018, co-authored with Peter Crossan and edited by  Robert Shiller, Jonathan Ostry and James Benford  

GDP-linked bonds: a commentary on a termsheet”, Capital Markets Law Journal, Vol. 12, No. 2 

Restructuring of Greek Sovereign Debt” Global Restructuring Review, March 2017 

Understanding Sovereign Debt – Options and Opportunities for Africa” a co-authored handbook to assist DMOs of African countries – 14 February  2020 

Career history 

Partner, Allen & Overy LLP, London, 2000  

Senior Associate, Allen & Overy, 1997  

Assistant Solicitor, Leading city firm including substantial time in that firm's Paris office, 1991-1997  

Legal qualifications 

Admitted as solicitor, England and Wales, 1991  

Admitted as avocat à la cour, France, 1994 (no longer practicing in France) 

Academic qualifications 

BA, Philosophy, Princeton University, 1980  

MA, Philosophy, The University of Chicago, 1983  

BA, Law, University of Cambridge, 1985  


English, Greek, French