November 14-17, 2022

2022 GFCC "Global Innovation Summit"

The Delphi Economic Forum is honored to continue the successful cooperation with the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), which is based in Washington D.C., and announce the organization of the 2022 GFCC “Global innovation Summit” in Athens – Greece on November 14 – 17, 2022. 


  • Greek startups building future competitiveness
  • Launch of GFCC Principles
  • The GIS 2022 agenda
  • Framing the future of competitiveness
  • Putting place-based innovation at the center of global competitiveness strategy
  • The sustainability conundrum
  • The Future of Human Longevity
  • Sustainability in a time of global turmoil
  • Resilience to navigate future crises
  • The future of the Space Economy
  • How can we accelerate growth through innovation and competitiveness?
  • Integrating Innovation into all aspects of a country’s life
  • Innovation for impact and growth
  • Inclusiveness as lever for future value creation
  • Innovation spotlight Building a global technology & innovation institute
  • Place and Innovation   
  • Partnerships to accelerate prosperity
  • Building competitiveness – from the Region to the Globe
  • The future of vaccine development
  • Strengthening trust and social capital to build competitiveness
  • Leveraging a unique heritage to advance place-based innovation