October 20-23, 2021

2nd Olympia Forum

More and more, international organizations, central governments and private companies learn to embrace the power of the local. Deconcentration of political power and economic activity is deemed crucial to unleash hidden economic and social potential, mitigate inequalities and strengthen social and territorial cohesion. At the same time, citizens demand a more tangible level of accountability as centralized structures of power, either national or supranational, are considered distant and faceless.

In this spirit, the Delphi Economic Forum and Patris newspaper organized the 2nd Olympia Forum, the largest conference in Greece dedicated to local and regional governance and cohesion policy. It took place on October 20-23, 2021 at Zappeio Megaron in Athens and the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia.

Zappeio Megaron, October 20-21, 2021

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  • Untapped potential: Next Generation EU and the role of EU Regions
  • Smart Cities at the Service of the Citizens
  • How Transport Infrastructure is changing the Greek Regions: Ports and Airports
  • Managing Fundamental Societal Transformations: Building resilient Regional and Local Communities
  • Preparing Regions to attract and host Foreign Investments
  • Decentralization and Deconcentration: Utopia or a necessity?
  • How fundamental is Social Cohesion: Delving into the EU’s core value in Regional Policy
  • Cities as “workshops” of progress
  • The Role of Local Authorities in addressing Climate Change

International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia October 22-23, 2021


  • How Transport Infrastructure is changing the Greek Regions: Large-capacity roads and motorways
  • In pursuit of a local Tourist Brand: How can Regions work together to create a unique Touristic Product?
  • Waste Management & Cyclical Economy
  • Cyclical Economy for Sustainable Development
  • Getting de-lignitization right: challenges and opportunities for the Regions
  • Rural Development in Peloponnese and the Region