March 14-15, 2022

3rd Southeast Europe & East Med

Monday and Tuesday, March 14-15, 2022

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The region of the Southern East Europe-East Mediterranean is a region that has changed more than any other during the previous four years. This region is of unique importance to the modern geopolitical and commercial scenery. At the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, South-East Med encompasses a host of diverse countries with dynamic interests and attracts the attention of the vast majority of regional and global actors: the United States, the European Union, China, Russia, Israel and the Arab world all have an interest at the region’s potential and future, both politically and economically.
During its first term, the Biden Administration’s foreign policy has featured the consistent refrain of “America is back.” This refrain leads to the question: “back to what?” The global geopolitical environment is significantly different than the last time key Biden Administration officials were in government, and it is fair to wonder whether these officials are ready to deal with the world as it is rather than the world as they remember it.

In this spirit, the Delphi Economic Forum, in cooperation with Kathimerini - the Greek daily newspaper - and the Hellenic American Leadership Council organized the 3rd annual South East Europe & East Med conference in Washington D.C. on Monday and Tuesday, March 14-15, 2022.  Dedicated topics of this conference include the new U.S. foreign policy doctrine under President Biden and how it affects the East Med, how can the West succeed in keeping South East Europe countries in the liberal fold through economic diplomacy, how energy diplomacy is transforming the region, and the leading role of an emerging Greece in the region.


  • Western Balkans re-defined
  • The Middle East reshaped
  • The Middle Sea once again: The Mediterranean as a key battleground in great power competition
  • The new great game: how energy has transformed the region
  • A values-based foreign policy
  • A new world order
  • Foreign policy on the state and local level
  • Pillar of stability: the evolution of the US-Greece bilateral relationship
  • A new U.S. approach to the region
  • A new dawn: Greece's collective endeavor towards a path of robust, sustainable growth
  • “3+1” on energy