November 23-24, 2020

Belgrade Economic Forum

The Summit is an annual review of Serbia’s political, economic and business developments, while it provides an analysis of the country’s role within the Region and an excellent platform for communication among political, economic and business leaders in the Region of South East Europe.

Key conference topics will be discussed by Heads of States of the South East Europe, and include regional issues such as: What Europe will emerge from the Covid-19 Crisis?, Global Power Shifts Affecting South East Europe, Priorities of the New EU Council Portuguese Presidency, Stability Factors in South East Europe, South East Europe: Energy Cooperation and challenges, and Connectivity Issues in South East Europe

A close look at important matters for Serbia will also be on the agenda and involve discussions on: New National Objectives post Covid-19 and post Elections, A Pathway Towards Competitive Growth post Covid-19, Combating Poverty and Inequalities, Fighting Unemployment: The Reskilling Imperative, The Future of Workplace, Manufacturing Matters: Why is so Important?, Business Leaders and how they affect Serbian Economy, Retail in the Era of Social Distancing, FDI in the Pandemic, and Regional and Local Authorities Managing the Crisis.