July 4, 2022

“Young Leaders Circle” takes off with a discussion on electoral cycles

July 4th saw the debut of Delphi Economic Forum’s new leadership development initiative, the “Young Leaders Circle”. 

The Circle’s first panel discussion, “Squaring the (electoral) cycle”, took place at the Cafe of the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens and brought together successful individuals under the age of 40, proposed by the DEF’s extensive network and advisory board. They share a stellar professional record, an extraordinary personal journey and a desire to serve their communities.

Our guests this time: three young leaders vowing to change politics and the image of their parties. New Democracy’s Secretary General Pavlos Marinakis, SYRIZA’s Deputy Secretary Giorgos Vasileiadis of SYRIZA and PASOK - Kinima Allagis’ spokesperson Dimirtris Mantzos. Together, they tried to answer the question: are early elections avoidable or an inbuilt characteristic in the design of the Greek political system?